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About Us

Customer expectations:
1. The professional sales staff is that to understand customer what they need and to recommend what machine they want.
2. There is no best, only better. Customers seeking cost-effective products buy the best quality machines, which at the same price.
3. The seller can do to ensure the quality of products and  after-sales service, quality and after-sales service was assured.

The secret of the Marketú║
Nowadays, market become more complex, every customer wants to find high quality with lower price, many factories only produce one or two kinds of machines, but in their catalogue or website, you can find many kinds of machines. Some offer good price but with low quality, some offer good quality but with high price. How to find the product with good quality, good price and nice service that is really difficult for customers.
Another important note is that you should know which factory is good at the machine that you need; you had better to know about all these factories, and chose the best one. Otherwise you may make the wrong decision. You need to find someone that make everything clear for you, which know the market, and also has good experience for machine.


Our company specialized in the import and export business of plastic machinery , non-woven machinery and related accessories .
We can not give you all; but only give you good quality machines, as well as more professional and reliable service.

A. Our company only focused on plastic machinery, non-woven machinery and related accessories, other are not familiar with the industry is not involved, so we have the most targeted services.

B. Our company has engaged in the machinery industry for many years and experienced engineers with technical team to help you to do professional presentations and guidance, so that you can choose to superior quality machines, more professional.

C. Our foreign trade staffs have been passing a very professional technical training; possess rich mechanical knowledge to communicate with you, and a better understanding of what you need. We are not simply offer simple quoted price, for your need, we can do the all aspects of the introduction and planning.

D. We promise that quality of each machine is qualified when packing to customer, so that customers get the greatest degree of satisfaction.

E. Since the cumulative increase in the amount of our business, to give you the price is more favorable than the purchase of the factory, which is different with retail and wholesale.

F. Quality first and after-sales service is more important.

G. Business is important, but credibility is more important than it. There is no one-time business, the only have permanent friends. We will provide lifetime free technical service and support for you.
Just have a try; you will be glad of your choice.