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  • Plastic Mixer

    Plastic Mixer

    TFL series crusher: stepped claw blade (multi-cutter): especially efficient for plastics in lump or blocky, which are in hard materials.

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  • 10T Hydraulics punching machine

    10T Hydraulics punching machine

    UseThe operation is simple, accreted and fast, with the rocker very easy to handle. It is equipped with stream work, and adjustable high and two voltage cutting d
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  • Height Adjustable Vertical Edge Inserting Machine

    Height Adjustable Vertical Edge Inserting Machine

    1. This machine is mainly used to insert M-bottom on the two sides of the folded PE, CPP tubular material. 
    2. This machine is ma
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  • Folding and Rewinding Machine

    Folding and Rewinding Machine

    Use:This plastic film folding machine is used for folding the single-layer sheet film and then rewinding, which is an assistant equipment of the bag sealing and cut
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