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  • PE/PP air cooling recycling machine

    PE/PP air cooling recycling machine

    Use:This raw materials like waste films of HDPE and LDPE are extruded through the extruder, and then are cooled through wind and cut hotly into granules, featuring °≠
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  • Water-Cooling Two-Stage Recycling Machine

    Water-Cooling Two-Stage Recycling Machine

    Features:The first stage extruder with two gasification holes, Auto. Temperature controller.Mainly used to recycle PE, PP, PS, etc, soft film/bags or hard lump afte°≠
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  • Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

    Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

    A: Milling, mixture and staining can be processed all in one
    B: The machine takes up little area of land
    C: It is characterized by s°≠
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  • Plastic Crushing Machine

    Plastic Crushing Machine

    TFL series crusher: stepped claw blade (multi-cutter): especially efficient for plastics in lump or blocky, which are in hard materials.

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