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Three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine
Product Information:

Product Name:Three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine

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Use:Its structure design adopts the advanced technology both home and abroad. Film has good insulation and sealing performance, for instance holding temperature, antihumid,antibreeze, anti-rain, anti-rust, insulation oxygen, oil resistive, and so it can be used for both light and heavy-duty packaging. For example, preserving freshness of fruits and milk, stuffing meat, pickling vegetables,etc.

1. Die head is layer type spiral mandrel, which is continuously 360° rotation.
2. Screen pack changer is reliable design , safe and easy to change the filter screen.
3. Various functional parts are installed to the lines, such as length counting device, vertical cutting device, cooling water row pipe, film spreading roller, scrap collecting device.


Model TF3L-1100 TF3L-1350 TF3L-1700
Screw Diameter 55*2 60*1 60*2 65*1 65*2 70*1
Screw Ratio L/D 301 301 301
Screw Speed 15-150r/min 15-150r/min 15-150r/min
Main Motor Power 15kw*2/18.5kw*1 18.5kw*2/22kw*1 22kw*2/30kw*1
Extrusion Output(single) 80kg/h 100kg/h 120kg/h
Range of Die 150 200 180 250*1 250 300*1
Single-side Thickness of Film 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.15mm
Max.folding Width of Film 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Electrictotal Capacity 76kw 88kw 102kw
Overall Dimension 6600*4100*5800mm 6800*4300*6000mm 7000*4800*4500mm
Weight of Machine 6.5T 7.5T 8.5T