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TFL-A High-speed dry laminating machine
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Product Name:TFL-A High-speed dry laminating machine

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Use:This machine applies to BOPP, PET, PVC, CPP, PE, NY, aluminum foil film and paper rolls a two or more layers of composite in the form of a kind of high strength, high preservation or boiling resistance and other excellent properties of packaging materials.

1. Eight vector frequency conversion motor tension control system.
2. Four period of tension control, the floating roller detection, automatic control.
3. Machine using PLC coordinated control.
4. through the touch screen to set parameters, and display the current status data machine.
5. 8 meters four section type drying box, pneumatic opening
6. Thermostatic hot air circulation system and waste gas exhausting device, heat can be two times the use of return air.
7. Roller scraper coating methods, a wide range of the amount of coating roller for selection.
8. Automatic glue circulation system.
9. Synchronizing operation of oven inner guide roller.
10. Independent reeling the overturning frame, gas carrying axle loading.
11. Mask put volumes trolley EPC device.
12. Pre drive synchronous speed, automatic refueling.
13. The pressure roller institutions of winding.
14. Electric heating or heat conduction oil heating steel composite roll.
15. Mask preheating system, the composite membrane water cooling system.
16. Heat source: electric heating or heating.


Printing substrate types:
Aluminum foil  
BOPP 19-60 u m
PET 12-60 u m
PE 30-100 u m
CPP 20-60 u m
PVC 25-65 u m
NY 15-50 u m
Roll coated paper 30-120g/m2
Maximum mechanical speed 180m/min
Maximum composite speed 160m/min
The maximum width 1050mm
Maximum diameter of unwinding 0 600mm
Maximum winding diameter +800mm
The inner core diameter +76mm
Tension range 0-20kgf
Coating screen roller diameter coating net roller diameter 210mm
Drying temperature setting range ordinary temperature to100C
Electric heating power 96kw
Maximum power 150kw
Total weight of the machine ~18000kg
Machine size 11000(L)x3900(W)x3200(H)