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High speed dry laminating machine
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Product Name:High speed dry laminating machine

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Use:This machine is suitable for plastic, aluminum, plastic material of composite dry, fast speed, superior performance, is widely used in food, medicine and daily necessities such as all kinds of high-grade soft packaging material composite process of ideal equipment. Tension system: four, eight, a motor nine motor synchronous motor closed-loop control system optionally.

1. Text-based human-machine interface operation.
2. The structure of the winding and rewinding stations rotating rack, Winding stop machine automatically cut.
3. The first substrate, a second substrate discharging all has automatic photoelectric correction function.
4. Drying system: gas top three section type ovens, the temperature of each section by the intelligent temperature control instrument for temperature control, and has a return device, bake Road guide roller by independent motor drive.
5. Roller shaft for free gas cap type structure, rapid assembly and disassembly, easy to use.
6. The glue roller blade Pneumatic backpressure structure around mobile.
7. Composite roller hot oil heating method for the internal heating type or external heating type two optional.
8. Film tension of four motor synchronous system of constant tension device, acting on the tension roll on the low friction cylinder, ultra low friction cylinder are Japan Teng bin brand.
9. The appearance of the atmosphere, humanized escalator, go, lighting porch light allows the user to easily, feel fresh.


Model TFL-B800 TFL-B1100
Composite width 800mm 1100mm
Roll diameter 600mm 660mm
Winding diameter 650mm 650mm
Composite mechanical speed 140m/min 140m/min
Heating range room temperature-120 room temperature-120
Total power 110kw 130kw
Outline dimensions 10800×3000×3280 10800×3300×3280
Weight of machine 10000kg 12000kg