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High speed computer gravure printing machine with color register
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Product Name:High speed computer gravure printing machine with color register

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Use:The machine applies to BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and paper etc with good printing performance of roll film material of multicolored continuous printing, widely used in all kinds of high-grade printing.

1. Automatic register system of the control unit independently configurable microprocessor, can quickly and accurately correcting chromatic deviation.
2. Import vector seven motor synchronous control.
3. Human-computer interface: 5.7 inch LCD touch screen.
4. The machine let off, feeding, discharging traction, traction winding tension automatic control and the automatic cutting and winding machine running synchronous automatic control.
5. Closed loop type oven and independent heating blower system, automatic constant temperature system.
6. Pneumatic impression system and pneumatic squeegee system.
7. Diaphragm pneumatic ink automated circulation system.
8. Pneumatic loading and unloading shaft.
9. Printing line speed and the meter display.
10. No axis version device.
11 Optional still picture.


Model TFCP-B1000
Effective printing width 1000mm
The maximum width 1050mm
Printing speed 180m/min
Maximum speed of the machine 200m/min
Retractable roll maximum diameter +600mm
Substrate core diameter +76mm
Print roller diameter 120-300
The computer registering correction accuracy +0.10mm (Whole Machine)
Tension control range 0~25kg/Full Width
Oven heating power 144Kw
Total power 199Kw
Machine weight 30000kg
Printing Outline dimensions L16000xW3600XH3100mm


Printing materials

Polyethylene 40-75u m
Polypropylene film (OPP/BOPP/CPP) 15-60 u m
PVC 2565 u m
Cellophane 20-30 u m
Polyester 12-60 u m
Nylon membrane 15 -60 u m
Paper 30 - 80g/m2