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3-12 Color computer automatic gravure printing machine
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Product Name:3-12 Color computer automatic gravure printing machine

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Use:The machine is suitable for various plastic films, paper and other web gravure printing. Automatic tension control, computer register, without shaft installed version, pneumatic scraper, host frequency, stable tension, overlay accuracy, high work efficiency, reasonable design, convenient and reliable use.

Note: according to customer needs to change: two with motor or three motor synchronous control system, can be increased with positive and negative printing double-sided computer register mechanism, static picture

1. The winding double air expanding shaft, high speed automatic splicing roll changing
2. Roll double air expanding shaft semi automatic splicing roll changing
3. with air cooling device
4. Can be increased with water cooling roller device
5. The pendulum roller double cylinder imprint
6. The shaft less gas cap mounted version
7. Drying device for double-layer circulating hot air box
8. Computer registers system (brand choice)


Model TFCP-E8800
Paper core diameter φ76mm
Roll diameter φ600mm
Roller diameter φ110-φ300mm
Printing width 800mm
Overprint precision ±0.10mm
Printing speed 60-120m/min
Outline dimensions 13500x2150x2650mm
Total power 135kw
Weight of machine 15000kg