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Computer control High Speed Slitting Machine
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Product Name:Computer control High Speed Slitting Machine

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Use:This machine is used to slit rolls of PP¡¢OPP¡¢PET¡¢PP composite material into dead width.

1£®Main control: Adopts double motor system and touch humane-machine interface.
2£®Double station opening air expansion rewinding shaft (or choose slip frequency shaft)
3£®Rewinding tension adopts computer imitation to control each shaft independently.
4£®Power transmission adopts curved tooth high-intensity synchronous belt.
5£®Adopts vector frequency converter as speed regulator.
6£®Unwinding rack has two types: Model A: forklift pulling type, the unwinding diameter is 600mm
7£®This machine has the advantages of running stable, high speed, low noise, easy to operate, etc, and it is the preferable equipment for producing packaging products.


Model TFJ-A1100 TFJ-A1300
Function difference It adopts the 50mm thick armor plate integral structure to ensure the parallelism of all transitional rollers. The winding adopts double station winding device with strengthened arm, opening to discharge material. Unwinding adopts deviation –correcting device, auto tension control and pneumatic loading material unwinding rack. The main control adopts PLC and touch human-machine interface, with the functions of meter counting, stopping when arriving at the designed meter£¬ three-station auto tension and auto decelerating speed etc. This structure is compact and beautiful, running stable and low noise, easy to operate, and it is a machine with high quality.
Width of unwinding 1100mm 1300mm
Diameter of unwinding Φ600mm Φ600mm
Diameter of rewinding Φ500mm Φ500ºÁÃ×
Mechanical speed 250meter/min 250meter/min
Cutting method Power on shear type circular knife cutting method Power on shear type circular knife cutting method
Unwinding frame on roll unwinding frame on roll unwinding frame
Overall dimension L 2000mm 2000mm
W 2450mm 2700mm
H 1600mm 1600mm
Working voltage Three phase AC380V 50Hz Three phase AC380V 50Hz
Total power 8KW 10KW
Machine weight 2.2T 3T