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Vertical Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machine
Product Information:

Product Name:Vertical Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machine

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Use:It can cut edge, separate and cut material according to different requirements during production.

1. The machine is a kind of vertical separating and cutting machine. Rolling and releasing can be in front of or at the back of the machine.
2. Independent master control screen, more flex ible and even easier operation.
3. Automatic deviation-rectifying of releasing, photoelectric eye is suitable fortracking the edge and color of transparent material.
4. Releasing tension adopts magnetic powder clutch control.
5. Rolling adopts magnetic clutch control.
6. Automatic slitter edge blowing-inhaling device.
7. Automatic meter counting of material moving length.


Model TFQ-700A TFQ-1100A TFQ-1300A
Max.Width of Separating and cutting RollMaterial 700mm 1100mm 1300mm
Max.Diameter of Separating and cutting Roll Material φ600mm φ600mm φ600mm
Width of Roll Material Cutting 30~600mm 30~1000mm 30~1200mm
Separating and Cutting Speed 5~160m/min 5~160m/min 5~160m/min
Deviating-rectifying Error <±0.5mm <±0.5mm <±0.5mm
Total Power 2.2kw 3kw 3.5kw
Weight of the Whole Machine 1200kg 1500kg 1800kg
Overall Dimension 2000×1110×1400mm 2400×1100×1400mm 2600×1110×1400mm