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Automatic Cling Film Rewinder
Product Information:

Product Name:Automatic Cling Film Rewinder

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Use:It is a kind of multi-functional machine integrated with slitting and rewinding. It mainly slits large-sized stretch film into small ones which avoids the split-level film and improves the technical index of product, such as level and appearance quality, etc.


Model TF-R500
Width of finished product(mm) 200-450
Power of motor(kw) 2.2
Liner speed of machinery(m/min) 600
Roll Laying Mode(mm) By hand
Diameter of parent roll(max)(mm) 700
Width of parent roll(max)(mm) 200-450
Core specification of parent roll 2” 3”
Width of sub-roll(max)(mm) 200-450
Diameter of sub-roll(max)(mm) 40-260
Core specification of sub-roll 3” , 2” ,
Overall dimensions(L× W× H)(m) 1.4× 1.0× 1.1
Weight(kg) 600