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Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator
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Product Name:Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

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A: Milling, mixture and staining can be processed all in one
B: The machine takes up little area of land
C: It is characterized by simple structure and ease of operation
D: The interstitial of the blade can be adjusted with convenience of replacing.
E: It is characterized by high efficient in production and low consumption(1 ton of daily production ,and 200 degrees of electricity consumption ).
F: Granulate at lower temperature, do not damage molecular structure of materials basically, and do not damage physical performance.


Capacity of Barrel 150L 100L
Output Capacity 60-80kg/h 30-60kg/h
Main Motor Power 18kw 15kw
Water Adding Device 125w 125w
Heating Power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Rotary Speed of Main Shaft 660r/min 660r/min
Overall Dimensions 1500×700×1400mm 1300×600×1300 mm