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TF6 8-200 Rotary Packing Machine
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Product Name:TF6 8-200 Rotary Packing Machine

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Use:Suitable for packaging solid materials, liquid, thick liquid, powder, granule etc…

1. With reasonable structure, controlled by PLC, easy operation and maintenance.
2. Machine running is stable and reliable, high yield.
3. Adjust all clamps through one hand wheel, only needs one step; it is fast and precise, suitable for packing different bag and change packing bag frequently.
4. Main parts of machine come from foreign famous manufacturer. Installs oil-free bear with high precision and wear resistant, no oil pollution.
5. The machine with waterproof design, it is fully closed and no dead ends.
6. Maximum packing speed is 60 bags/min.
7. Automatic checking: No pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal, the bag can be used again, avoid wasting, labor-saving.


Model DX6/8-200
Pouch Type Stand-up bag, flat bag, spout bag etc…
Pouch Material Laminated film, PP, PE etc…
Pouch size W:100-230mm L:100-300mm
Packing weight 5-1500g
Packing Speed 30-60 Bags/Min ( The packing speed varies with packing material and filling weight )
Packing Accuracy ≤±1%
Air Consumption 0.2m3/min
Overall Dimensions 1636mm(L)*1565mm(W)×1450mm(H)
Weight 1000kg