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Multi-blade Paper Tube Machine
Product Information:

Product Name:Multi-blade Paper Tube Machine

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This paper tube winder is special for making paper cans and other paper cores.


Multi-blade paper tube winder

Product Description

It is special for making paper cans and other paper cores. 


1. With mutil-blade cutting device, can able to make shorter tubes. 

2. Cutting table is formed by precise ball screw and high performance servo motor drive, can working synchronism with tube. 

3. Main motor is adopt vector type of high torque inverter for speed regulate, electronic gear from second gears, and endless speed regulation from first gears. 

4. Adopted PLC digital control system, and color touch screen man-machine interface. 

5. Encoder for testing length so as to ensured high cutting precision at different speed. 

6. Modularization electric layout designing for easy and scientific using, maintaining and repairing. 

7. With multi-function bottom ply device and auto stopping when paper be cut off 

8. Low noise driving designing 

9. Integration linkage device of integral paper reel stand, glue stand, guiding paper which be adjust by power-driven.

  lnside diameter  :                                   20-100mm
  wall thickness  :                                       1-4mm
  tube length    :                                                     70-1400mm
  Machinery speed:                                     0- 20m/Min
  Main power:                                                       5.5KW
  Working Air pressure  :                         0.6MPA
  cutting Pattern  :                                             circular blade cutting
  Required cutting length:                 infrared/encoder
  Glue unit  :                                                      10 plies spraying glue system      
  Paper reel stand  :                                    10 plies integral type paper reel stand
  Opertator    :                                                           2-3 persons
Overall ize:                                                       3450x1100x1500mm
Weight:                                                  3.6T
 Blade:                                                     8