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Large Size 4 Head Spiral Paper Tube Machine
Product Information:

Product Name:Large Size 4 Head Spiral Paper Tube Machine

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Product Description


Spiral Paper Tube/Core Winder: 
1. Material: Kraft paper, textile spool paper, tea paperboard, recyled paper, ivory board, etc. 


2. Description: 
1). Used for making all kinds of paper core 
2). Widely used in the field of Textile, Stationery, toilet paper core, preservative film core, fax paper, packing, etc. 

3. Feature: 
1). Automatically rewind and cut 
2). Programmed control system 
3). Cutting lenght can be changed by meter counter according to customer`s demand 
4). High precision, proper structure, steady performance and reliable quality. 

4. Main technical parameter: 
Number of roll paper 3-10 layer 
Max-diameter 100mm 
Min-diameter 10mm 
Max-thickness 10mm 
Min-thickness 1mm. 

Rolling core matrix fixed way fixation 
Rewinding noses Double noses single belt 
Cutting way Single bladecutting 
Gluing way Double sides 
Fixed length way Infrared 
Operator 1-2 
Productive speed 3-20m/min 
Speed of adjust and control transducer 
Power input 380V