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2 Head Paper Tube Machine
Product Information:

Product Name:2 Head Paper Tube Machine

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Product Description:

1. Material: Kraft paper, textile spool paper, tea paperboard, recyled paper, ivory board, etc. 
2. Description: . 
1). Used for making all kinds of paper core 
2). Widely used in the field of Textile, Stationery, toilet paper core, preservative film core, fax paper, packing, etc. 

3. Feature: 
1). Automatically rewind and cut 
2). Programmed control system 
3). Cutting lenght can be changed by meter counter according to customer`s demand 
4). High precision, proper structure, steady performance and reliable quality. 
Remark: Welcome to telling me your technical and requirment by email. Thanks.

Number of roll paper 3-10 layer
Max-diameter 100mm
Min-diameter 10mm
Max-thickness 10mm
Min-thickness 1mm
Rolling core matrix fixed way fixation
Rewinding noses Double noses single belt
Cutting way Single bladecutting
Gluing way Double sides
Glue unit   12 plies spraying glue loading machine
paper reel stand    12 plies unitary paper reel stand
Fixed length way Infrared
operator 1-2
Productive speed 3-20m/min
Speed of adjust and control transducer
Power input 380V